Our Goal

We Pledge To...

    •  Always treat others better than we would want to be treated.
    •  Provide the best possible sales and customer experience in the world.
    •  Be happy and let it show to our customers and other family members.
    •  Create security and opportunity in a diverse work environment.
    •  Promote trust and mutual respect among family.
    •  Do everything better, safer, faster and at a lower cost than anyone.
    •  Maintain constant profitability as a means to future growth and success.

The Vision of Family...
The Vision will be known, lived, shared and supported by all team members.

Member Treatment...
    •  Cheerfully greet every family member as though you are welcoming him/her into your home.
    •  Introduce yourself, call them by name, and ask, "How may I be of assistance today?"

Whether by phone or in person, represent the company with a professional attitude, positive language, and adhere to all grooming standards.

Recognition & Respect...
    •  Family members must be recognized for providing family service.
    •  Remember, customers/their businesses want to be recognized also.
    •  Each Cash Depot family member (team members), customer, and Cash Depot facility shall be treated and represented in a positive, professional and respectful manner. Cash Depot must be, and strive to create a fun place to work.

First impressions are gold. When answering telephones, all Cash Depot family members should be prompt, friendly, and courteous.

Member Forever...
Do everything possible to never lose a customer. Cash Depot members are empowered to resolve a customers concern up to $100. We must look for every opportunity to show the customer that we truly care.

The highest level of cleanliness is the responsibility of every Cash Depot member. Pride and integrity of the company shows with a clean, well maintained place to work. Clean, well-lit machines attract customers.

L.A.S.T. - Own the Request...
Any Cash Depot member who receives a customer request or complaint, owns the request or complaint. He or she will follow the L.A.S.T. approach. Working together creates a customer forever. Listen • Apologize • Solve • Thank

ZAC - Zero Accident Culture...
We believe in zero accidents and safety culture, which means all accidents are preventable. The safety of Cash Depot members is a top priority. When in doubt, STOP • THINK • PROTECT

Cash Depot Members Receive:
    •  Orientation to Cash Depot
    •  Basics in operating standards
    •  Position description
    •  Training handbook

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